Claire Western is a Welsh artist. She graduated in 2009 with a BA(Hons) Fine Art Degree. Since then she has been experimenting with colour and application in her studio which is based in Mid-Wales, UK. She also has an interest in photography. Some of her work has been featured on several interior design blogs as well as exhibitions.

These are a few words from Claire about her subject choice and inspiration:

For some time now I have had an obsession with colour. I have always been fascinated by the indulgence and consuming quality of paint. I also love the simplicity of form and objects that exist for the sole purpose of visual stimulation and the aesthetic. My main influences are colour field artists such as Mark Rothko, Anish Kapoor and Barnett Newman. There are many more, but we would be here all day. I am also inspired by space. The visual compositions that the universe provides are outstanding.

I approach the practice of painting (or creating) in different ways. Sometimes when painting I like to let the paint devour the canvas or object. There is little interference or manipulation in the application. I merely mix my colours with a select palette in mind and change the consistency to create unpredictable outcomes. Other times I limit my colour palette and paint with my eyes closed because for me it really is the experience of creating that I find so captivating.

Colour is a seduction. It provokes emotion. It provides a space that holds ambiguity.